What policy is right for your company?

From completely closing down retail operations to getting creative with volunteer hours, there are plenty of models that help ensure employees never have to choose between working and voting.

Here are a few ideas to get started:




CREATE A company holiday

The #1 reason people didn’t vote in the last midterm elections was because of work or school obligations. Companies who champion the full day off are making sure their employees never have to choose. Swap out Columbus Day or Presidents Day, or put a new holiday on the calendar.

Even companies based in mail-in-ballot states are choosing this option to celebrate democracy with pay-it-forward volunteer opportunities for their team.

be inclusive

Does your company have retail locations, call centers, manufacturing centers? Do you parter with distributers or manufacturers? When policies are inclusive of the entire workforce, everyone from the cleanup crew to delivery team to the producers can cast their ballots and celebrate equally.

Empowering employees to vote on Election Day is straightforward and impactful. Now that's something to celebrate. 

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celebrate with a half day off

With a half day off, employees have time to get to the polls and to accomplish their daily morning or afternoon routines (like dropping their kids off, or making a long commute). Many companies are choosing this option, and adding a lunchtime celebration to the program to reward participation.

shorten office hours

When you close the entire office or store for any portion of time, this allows support staff (maintenance, food crew) to take the time off as well. To ensure that everyone has the flexibility to vote, make it a late morning, and early close, or both.



work from home

Long commutes can eat up an employee’s entire voting time allowance. Since polling locations are often closer to home, employees can more easily cast their ballots when they’re given the flexibility to work remotely.

set a No meetings day

Even for companies with unlimited vacation time, creating a no-meetings day helps alleviate the pressure on individuals to make the time to vote, and on manager-employee relationships, which vary. On a no-meetings day, employees can choose the time that works best for them without missing a beat.




This strategy works much like volunteer hours. It is a useful option for global companies who want to standardize the opportunity across local and national elections around the world, or for companies looking for a more flexible policy.

BUILD a consistent company policy

For companies with employees across the US, their teams have different legal rights to time off (some have none!). A consistent policy across the board helps ensure all employees have the same ability to cast their ballots.

Ultimately, companies should find the model that best suits them, which may look like one of the above choices or a new combination completely. The most effective model depends on the specific makeup of your workforce, and relies on vocal encouragement from leadership. If that sounds like you’re company, add it to the list. If you’re still unsure, contact us for support.